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What do I need to supply for your complete systems?

Water supply, electricity, Bag-in-Box syrup, and CO2.

Where do I find syrup and CO2?

When you purchase a system from us, we’ll send you an email explaining how to find syrup and CO2 in your area. It will include a list of syrup and CO2 distributors/retailers.

Do I need a water filter?

The quality of your water will determine whether you need a water filter or not. The long term performance of your equipment will be affected by the quality of your water. If you do not like the taste of your water, you will not like the taste of your soda without a filter.

Do I need a water regulator?

You will only need a water regulator if your water pressure is in excess. Water pressure for a soda system needs to be between 35-50 psi.

What is the difference between Pre-mix and Post-mix?

A Pre-mix system is soda ready to drink (carbonated water & syrup mixed) as if you were buying it in a bottle—not much savings to be had here. Major syrup distributors sell you the soda in bulky refillable stainless tanks for about what you can buy it for on sale at the local supermarket. Basically, glorified soda out of the bottle being dispensed from a faucet.

Post-mix is where the REAL savings are found. It is the combination of carbonated water made from a carbonator and BIB syrup mixed together at the fountain head as it is being dispensed into the cup. Average five gallon bag-in-box name brand syrup is approximately $62. It will yield about 30 gallons.

Do you have installation instructions?

Yes, even though our systems come pre-assembled, they do also come with instructions. We offer free technical support as you install your system via email and phone as well as an Installation Guide (PDF) which includes a link to view the Start-up Procedures video for your system type.

How long will a 5 lb., 10 lb., and 20 lb. CO2 tank last?

A 20 lb. CO2 tank will yield approximately 90 gallons of soda, therefore a 10 lb. CO2 tank 45 gallons and a 5 lb. 22.5 gallons.

How much soda does a 2.5 & 5 gallon of Bag-in-Box syrup make?

A 5 gallon Bag-in-Box syrup will yield approximately 30 gallons of soda. A 2.5 gallon will yield approximately 15 gallons.

What does the carbonator do?

The carbonator combines CO2 gas and tap water together giving you carbonated water (seltzer).

What is the syrup to water ratio?

Regular sugar syrups are 5 parts water to 1 part syrup.

Can I choose my flavors?

Absolutely! That’s one of the best features of owning your own soda fountain! We will set up the system to dispense any combination of flavors. This is both the correct BIB connect for your chosen flavor as well as the identifying valve label or soda gun button cap (or closest facsimile) free of charge.

Can I dispense products other than soda from these systems?

Yes, you can dispense any Bag-in-Box product like tea, lemonade, and juices. Dispensing non-carbonated beverages requires a separate water line feeding those flavors. If you only want to dispense non-carbonated beverages, you won’t need a carbonator.